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Home garage doors come in a variety of colors. Their availability is determined by the manufacturer. C.H.I. is an American-made and American-owned company that gives you the option to powder coat your garage door with over 150 different color options. Haas Door offers American-made products in a wide variety of colors.

Reliable Residential Garage Doors

All residential doors sold by Mid-Cape Garage Door are American-made.


Our high-quality manufacturers use high-quality materials to get you the best garage door for your home.


You won't be able to find our garage doors at Home Depot or any other box store.


Get residential garage door accessories from us too.

  • Steel doors

  • Aluminum doors

  • PVC doors

  • Specialty doors

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Mid-Cape Garage Door is a family-owned garage door company.


Let our experienced team handle your residential garage door installation.

Quality Residential Doors Available:

Great Variety Of Home Garage Door Colors

Enjoy a 1-year warranty on garage door installations plus Manufacturers' warranties.

Incredible Residential Garage Doors Available For Your Home

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