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Polyethylene or PVC garage doors are your best option if your home is right on the beach. PVC material offers the best protection against salt spray and sand. The color of the door is determined by the material rather than the paint. Panel and style options are limited, and the "R" value is usually 3 - 8. PVC expands and contracts at a higher rate, so the insulation has to float in the panel.

Sturdy Steel Doors

Steel garage doors use the most budget-friendly material. Steel is relatively inexpensive to manufacture compared to other materials. Steel also offers the most panel designs, colors, and style options. Our suppliers offer a warranty for their steel doors against rust for at least 15 years or for as long as you own your home.


Steel doors also offer high insulation values, which are measured in "R" value, where higher numbers mean they’re more insulated. They range from R-8 to R-20. Steel door installations can range in price from $700 - $1,300 for a single car door.

Aluminum is a more expensive material. The advantage to aluminum is that it won't rust like a steel product might. These doors also offer a high "R" value. If you live by the ocean, you may want an aluminum door.


Aluminum door installations can range in price from $1,200 - $2,000 for a single car door.

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Effective Aluminum Doors

Premium Polyethylene Doors

All installations receive a 1-year warranty plus a Manufacturers' warranty.

Vast Variety Of Garage Door Types Available For You To Choose From

Wood doors are becoming harder and harder to justify. Most wood doors today are made of a soft, fast growth pine. Hard woods are usually imported and can be very expensive. The quality of pine doors are poor and they require a lot of maintenance to withstand the New England climate. Who wants to spend their summer weekends scraping and painting their garage door? These doors offer an "R" value of 1 - 3.  

Reliable Wood Doors

Custom and semi-custom wood and Aztec doors vary so much that we would need to sit down and really dive into all your options. These beautiful doors come at a higher price point, ranging from $2,500 - $6,000 for a single car door. Contact us if you want to discuss your options today.

Quality Custom And Semi-Custom Wood And Aztec Doors

  • 1/8" single pane

  • Tempered

  • Insulated double pane

  • Tinted

Gorgeous Glass Doors

Nearly all garage doors have some sort of glass option. Glass lets in natural light and changes the look of your garage door. A glass section will add $100 to $300 to the cost of the door. Glass comes in a variety of options: